Connecting Changemakers
on Gender Mainstreaming

The Chroma Collective is a community of gender practitioners, doers, experts and problem solvers from a variety of leading donor and financing institutions from around the world.

The Collective works to effectively integrate gender within and across international development systems addressing gaps, norms, beliefs and values that can lead to gender inequality. During this design sprint we focused on how we can better connect members of this community to share and disseminate knowledge and learnings on the topic. 

We workshopped a variety of different concepts. Field notes explored how different voices on gender from around the world could be showcased on a platform in the form of stories, photography, or answered prompts. The objective was for organisations and companies working in different regions to gain a more nuanced perspective and  understanding on current gender topics.

Our final prototype was GM On-The-Go, an online resource platform where Chroma Members can easily connect and share gender mainstreaming related content.

The platform would feature an array of human stories from around the globe, bite-sized learning infos, best practises, resources, impact tracking and a culture of care.

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