An Immunization Accelerator Program Across East Africa

The project centered around leveraging human centered design to empower grassroots organizations across East Africa in designing innovative solutions to support caregivers in the immunization space.

Through sustained piloting, testing and mentorship, we guided them in their journey to refine and ultimately scale to market and develop user-ready solutions that would influence the broader ecosystem and create user-centric impact.

We carried out research across remote communities in Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia and Uganda working alongside grassroots organizations in the region who’s objective was to better implement immunization services.

Working closely with the grass-roots organisations, we listened to personal stories from different community members and key stakeholders, helping us identify underlying barriers, strengths and challenges that the communities and teams faced. 

We explored the larger ecosystems in which these grassroots organizations operate within, allowing us to map out and understand how the broader system works, which relationships to leverage and where to introduce support. 

This helped us lay the groundwork of our primary research and we were able to outline the kind of support and resourcing that the grassroots organizations needed in order to increase immunization uptake in their respective communities.

Through the process of human centered design we collaboratively developed viable solutions aimed at increasing the uptake and adherence  of immunization services in Moita Kiloriti.


We carried out more indepth research in Moita Kiloriti, Northern Tanzania, identifying specific painpoints along the journey map, conducting workshops and interviews with more mothers, caregivers, husbands and traditional birth attendants who played a crucial role leading up to the immunization process.


We prototyped alongside our users and collaboratively developed user-friendly immunization calendars disseminating vital information and targeted messaging on the importance of immunizing children, a schedule to help track appointments and nudges to maintain adherence. Additionally we developed baby carrier and bag which acted as a motivational incentive to ease transportation to the clinic and would be handed out by the caregivers to increase their standing in the community.

Immunization Accelerator Program @ openIDEO
Nairobi, Kenya
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