Nomadic Futures 2299

Nomadic Futures is part of the Nairobi Space Station Project, where designers, artists and scientists collaborate to envision plausible future scenarios.

The Escapist Pack is an artifact designed in response to a future scenario that unfolds in the year 2299, driven by speculative projections.

This scenario explores a somewhat dystopian future where Nairobi’s concrete towers, a remnant of what once was, loom over a dusty and parched cityscape. It’s inhabitants scamper the urban grounds, dodging rivers that once flowed through the city, but now slowly trickle across the urbanscape, sludge-like and toxic. Days are spent roaming and wandering the sprawling capital in search of food, water and, by night, shelter. 

The escapist pack was a solution oriented response to the idea of constantly being on the move with as little material needs as possible.

It explores the possibility transforming an everday garment into a form of shelter, enabling mobility, offering respite and fulfilling the basic human need of protection. It is a light pack, providing the wearer with a protective layer from rain and weather as a jacket by day, and at night, it is transformed into a temporary shelter in the form of a tent.

It draws it’s inspiration from survival kits, leaning into functionality and lightness of the load as an enabling factor for easy mobility.


Escapist Pack Essential Items


Escapist Pack as Tent


Escapist pack as Jacket

Transformation of Jacket to Tent

Nomadic Futures
@ Nairobi Space Station Project, Nairobi, Kenya
Model: Lennard Dzudzek
Role: Building Future Scenarios  |  Exploratory Research & Making Of The Escapist Pack  |